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Persons of all ages are part of the process in improving their overall communication skills.


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Communication gives us power – the power to make our wants known, to make social connections, to understand our world and to exchange information with others.

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  • Sacred Heart - I have my Ph.D. and I am a member of the adjunct faculty at Sacred Heart University in the newly minted Speech and Language Department. This was their first graduating class, most of whom...


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Even if you have tried other speech therapists and feel like nothing will work (like I have previously felt), I would still recommend trying Arlyne’s services. She does not use typical techniques of most speech therapists. For me, meeting Arlyne was a godsend.” – David

Arlyne is an absolute pleasure, both on a professional level as well as a personal level.” – Carolyn

“After evaluating our child, Arlyne knew exactly what the issue was and how to address it. We saw improvement after the first session.” MG

I have stuttered for as long as I can remember. For the longest time it didn’t bother me. Today, I feel like a completely different person, who has a future and a life that wouldn’t be possible without the help I received from Dr. Russo.” – Maddie

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Founding father of speech pathology

“The speech of the children of man is our interest; and the communion of man is our concern. We seek out those who are halting in speech; and we offer help to those whose ears have been confused by disease. Life without speech is empty; and life devoid of communicatino is scarcely better than death. Therefore, the duty we owe is sacred; and our calling gravely important.”

– Robert William West